This day, 15th March 1975 our lovely was brought into this world. Today he celebrates his 39th birthday and together with all his iam-fans, Peabodies and angels want to wish him all the best, love, joy, happiness, good health and even more success. Just like every year we created a video project to […]

Last night (5th April), BBC has finally found the voice, and it’s no one else but #TeamWill’s Jermain Jackman! He performed “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, “Pure Imagination” by Lou Rawls and “And I am Telling you I’m not going” by Jennifer Holliday. If you missed his performances, watch the episode below! If video doesn’t work, […]

Yesterday (4th April), was on the Chatty man -  a British comedy chat show presented by comedian Alan Carr. Not only he came to talk about The Voice and other stuff, but mainly he introduced his brand new watch which replaces the smart phones and it will be officialy launched on July. In addition to that, he also played his […]

This Saturday (29th March), you could see the semi-final of The Voice UK on the BBC One. Right now, there’s only one member of each team left and the representant of #TeamWill is Jermain Jackman. Don’t forget to watch the final this week and support him. In case you missed the latest episode, watch it […]

On Friday (28th March), BBC One aired a documentary about Will’s life called “Joanna Lumley meets” Joanna, an english actress traveled to Los Angeles to talk to spend four days with him and talk about his life, family friends, childhood, music and more. Watch the documentary in player below: If video doesn’t work, click […] and EKOCYCLE are joining forces with Global Citizen to rally around that notion in the name of Mother Earth. Shining a spotlight on sustainability, the team hopes to encourage people to pledge to make a difference on #ADayWithoutWaste – April 9. The recycling campaign aims to inspire people to look at everyday patterns of waste consumption […] is on the cover of this week’s issue of The Sun TV Magazine including exclusive phtoshoot and interviews with him and #TeamWill. Check out amazing photos in our gallery, in which you can see Will, dressed as a circus ringmaster in his ill.i glasses, taking selfies with a lion:

Tonight (22nd March), BBC One is airing the first live show of 3rd series of The Voice UK. This year, can give “Fast pass” to one member of his team who will go straight to the next round, the second decision is on the public votes. Thanks to Will and his performance of “Treasure” by Bruno […]

This weekend (15th +16th March), BBC aired two episodes of Knockout rounds. In these rounds each coach can only take through three artists from their team to the live shows. Saturday was dedicated to #TeamKylie and #TeamTom and today it was turn for #TeamRicky and #TeamWill. Will has picked Jermain,  Sophie May and Iesher who we’ll see […]

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