2 Simple Soccer Practice Ideas Should Do in Your Coaching

Before coaching your soccer team, you need to prepare your practice program. You should know what you want to give to your soccer team. Moreover, you also need to know about the final goal or achievement after they practicing based on your coaching program. Here, you can learn a little bit about soccer practice ideas.

Dribbling soccer practice ideas

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This is considered as one of important soccer practices and it should be on your soccer practice ideas. In fact, it has to be done everyday even for top soccer players. The way to do this soccer practice is by letting your soccer team to do juggling. The juggling can be done in pairs and it can be done for warming up.

Then, let the soccer player play with the ball. For example, they can move the ball from the one point to the other point. You can also manage cones and ask your soccer players to pass the cones with the ball in their foot. Doing such kind of practice makes their dribbling skill increase and sharp.

Control soccer practice ideas

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This is also a good soccer practice ideas you should do for your soccer team. The way to do this practice is easy. Just ask your players to stand up in pairs and in distance around 5 yards. Then, let the one group kick the ball to the other group. The ball has to be kicked up to the air. Then, let the second group accept the ball by controlling it.

The ball can be controlled by head, foot, and chest. When they successfully control the ball, they have directly kicking the ball to give it back and the first group will do the same thing. Just repeat the soccer practice ideas from the selection of soccer practice video that you select for a few times. Don’t forget to do it regularly so your soccer team has good control and coordination on the field.