Improve the Players’ Performance with Soccer Body Workout

Soccer is one of the most favorite sports in the world. As the development of soccer increase, the number of player also increases, so the emulation has become stronger between each player.

Therefore, player must increase their capacity and performance in the field. Among the way to increase performance is conducting soccer body workout. It is very important for soccer player to do soccer body workout that covers important element for player as explaining below.

Strength in soccer body workout

soccer body workout plan

Strength and endurance is one among most important elements in soccer and has several main function includes improving performance on the field, resistance to injury, fast recovery, boost the energy and many others that will be very useful for players’ performance. Soccer training exercise may help to increase the strength and endurance for players. Besides that, jogging in intense is the best way to keep strength and energy. Player also need to do functional exercise such as step up, push up, squat, lunges, chin up, and dips.

Agility and speed in soccer body workout

Agility and speed are also important element in soccer. The combination of speed and strength will make perfect powerful for improve the performance of player. Soccer body workout for improving the agility and speed is the power movement exercise such as high pulls, push presses, jump squat, plyometric, and also sprint will help to improve the speed as well.

Flexibility in soccer body workout

soccer upper body workout

The next most important element in soccer is flexibility. The flexibility in body movement and motion in the field will also improve the performance of the player in field. Passive stretching will only cause some trouble include injury. Therefore affective soccer body workout for flexibility will help. Player need to do dynamic warm up such as high knee, butt kicks, bodyweight squat, arm circles, walking lunges, and many others.