Learning about College Soccer Training Program

College soccer training program is important activity to improve skill of college soccer player. As we know that in some country, college soccer is very popular, and the popular player can also be recruited as professional soccer. So, for making them learn more about soccer effectively, college soccer training program is necessary activity that should be followed.

What is College Soccer?

Are you familiar with college soccer? It is played by teams of football students throughout colleges and universities. This soccer is very familiar in the United States. Some popular college players join in the prestigious league, and also have opportunity to join high level team in some country. To be the popular soccer player, there are trainings that should be followed. The information below is information for you about the types of training program for college soccer player.

The Example of College Soccer Training Program

College Soccer Training Program

College soccer training program usually held on the preseason, or off season. The training program usually focuses on the strength training. If you are the college soccer player, you can follow the steps of training program below:

Step 1
First step is doing basic fitness and exercise of soccer-specific training.

Step 2
Speed training by doing some exercises. First, you can lean on the wall/ Second, you can bring one of your legs up to your chest, after it you can put it down. The exercise can be performing of the stationary leg drive.

Basic college Soccer Training

Step 3
This step should be done for improving agility and balance. The exercise can be done by doing squat by single-leg, jumping by using rope, and also footwork execises.

Step 4
Power exercise by doing simple hurdle jumps. Other exercises you can do are barbell back squats, step-ups, dumbbell lunges, seated pull downs, shoulder presses, and chest presses.

Step 5
The last step is playing small-sides soccer game. And then, take some minutes to rest. Continue the exercise with shuttle runs as cooling exercise.

College Soccer Training drills

Those are the information about college soccer training program and the steps of it. Hopefully the article about college soccer training program above will be useful for you.