Youth Soccer Training Equipment You Should Prepare

Do you want to be a coach of youth soccer player? You should know about youth soccer training equipment before doing it. Actually, soccer is a simple sport, but you should prepare equipment for training the youth soccer player. Here the information for you.

The Benefits of Youth Soccer Training Equipment

Doing training without any equipment will make the training become so boring. Not only boring, but also can’t improve the strength, endurance or agility of soccer player effectively. By using equipment, you will now the skills of the youth soccer player. Then, you can improve many component that should be had by youth soccer player. About equipment, you can read the information below.

The Examples of Youth Soccer Training Equipment

There are so many youth soccer training equipment that should be known. But, here are the most important youth soccer training equipment should be prepared for training youth crosser player:
· Soccer Patented First Touch
This equipment is really good to train your youth soccer player. By using this equipment, the balls will drop vertically, so it will train the player’s balance.
· Golden Goal Target
It is simple equipment for training your youth soccer player. By using this equipment, your player will know the right spot to score a goal.
· ELEGIANT Flat 8 Rung Agility Ladder
This is an equipment to improve the footwork. It has multi-directional speed, so it will train the agility of the youth soccer player.
· Quick Feet Trainer Soccer Training Aid
It is also good for training your player. This equipment is good to develop player’s ball skill. It is good to progress the skills of fast feet.
· Cone Marker
This equipment always used for soccer training to mark match arena. Not only for it, this equipment can be used as media for improving the speed, balance, technique and also game skill.

The most important youth soccer equipment

Soccer Training Equipment

Those are some information about equipment for your soccer training. So, have you decided some best equipment to be prepared for training? You can use the information above as your recommendation. Hopefully, the article about youth soccer training equipment above will be helpful for you.

Some Examples of Strength Training for Soccer Player

D you want to be a professional soccer player? You should follow strength training for soccer players. As we know that strength is important component for soccer player. Without strength, the soccer player will be difficult to get victory. But for achieving good stamina and also strength, the soccer player should know about nutrition that should be consumed. Here the information for you.

The Examples of Strength Training for Soccer Player

There are so many exercises that can be done during strength training. The best strength training for soccer players is the exercises which uses weight to improve soccer player’s strength. Here some exercises can be done during strength training:
· Push up
· Pull up
· Back lift
· Wake up, lift the leg
· Jump with two feet
· Jumping on one foot alternately
· Jump squats
· Rope jump
· Weightlifting
· Squat stand (for training leg muscle strength)
· The next step is doing exercises that have been mentioned above by adding weight (weight training).

Nutritions for Improving Soccer Player’s Strength

Strength Training for Soccer

Not only doing exercise, soccer player should know about the best nutrition should be consumed to get great strength. The best nutrition for soccer player are carbohydrates, water and also protein. Those nutrition should be consumed during training and also when the soccer game happen. Carbohydrate, protein and water can make the soccer player have strength during training or soccer game. Here an example of menu for soccer player that can be consumed before doing training or soccer game:

· 800 ml of sports drink
· 3 apples
· 3 sleces of bread and jam or honey
· 2 cereals / muesli bars
· 2×200 gram yogurt
· 250-350 ml fruit smoothie
· Salad sandwich and 1 bottle of sport drink
· Cereal plus milk and peices of fruits.

This tips is the best strength training for soccer players

Strength Training for Soccer

Those are some information for you about strength train for soccer player. So, have you decided to take your time for this training? You can follow the example of training above and also consume right nutrition. By doing that, you will be succes to do strength training for soccer player.

An Example of Professional Soccer Training Program

Do you want to take exercise based on the training of professional soccer player? You should know about professional soccer training program. The training program can be followed by you who have passion in soccer and also want to be high level soccer player. But, you should also follow step by step well, not skip some steps. Here the information for you.

The Focus of Professional Soccer Training Program

Professional Soccer Training

There are some activity that become the focus of professional soccer training program, those are:
1. Endurance
The training develops good aerobic base to improve player’s cardiovascular system and muscular endurance. This training consists of walking, running, sprinting, jogging, etc.
2. Strength
Strength is important component for soccer player. The player can do strength exercise which covers squats, lunges, pushups, step ups, dips, and chip ups.
3. Speed and Agility
Speed and agility are the important components for soccer player. The exercises that can be done are sprint more than 30 yards from the standing start. Your exercise is very good when your speed is under 5.0 second. Other exercises you can try are jump, high pulls, push presses, jump squats, power cleans, and plyometric.
4. Flexibility
It is also important component for soccer player. The exercises you can do are walking, lunges, high knees, bodyweight squats, butt kick, etc.

The Example of Professional Soccer Training Program

Professional Soccer Training drills

You can do off season training program, the steps as below:

  • The training divided into two strength training days and a speed or power day.
  • Do some agility exercise and sprint start after speed or power exercise finished.
  • Add 2-3 endurance or cardiovascular training each week. You can run for 30 minutes. Complete it by doing short sprint interval and hill running.

Those are the information about training program for professional soccer. You can also consume high nutrition food to make you easy to do many exercises during professional soccer training program. By doing the steps above and complete it with consuming right nutrition, you will be success doing professional soccer training program.

Learning about College Soccer Training Program

College soccer training program is important activity to improve skill of college soccer player. As we know that in some country, college soccer is very popular, and the popular player can also be recruited as professional soccer. So, for making them learn more about soccer effectively, college soccer training program is necessary activity that should be followed.

What is College Soccer?

Are you familiar with college soccer? It is played by teams of football students throughout colleges and universities. This soccer is very familiar in the United States. Some popular college players join in the prestigious league, and also have opportunity to join high level team in some country. To be the popular soccer player, there are trainings that should be followed. The information below is information for you about the types of training program for college soccer player.

The Example of College Soccer Training Program

College Soccer Training Program

College soccer training program usually held on the preseason, or off season. The training program usually focuses on the strength training. If you are the college soccer player, you can follow the steps of training program below:

Step 1
First step is doing basic fitness and exercise of soccer-specific training.

Step 2
Speed training by doing some exercises. First, you can lean on the wall/ Second, you can bring one of your legs up to your chest, after it you can put it down. The exercise can be performing of the stationary leg drive.

Basic college Soccer Training

Step 3
This step should be done for improving agility and balance. The exercise can be done by doing squat by single-leg, jumping by using rope, and also footwork execises.

Step 4
Power exercise by doing simple hurdle jumps. Other exercises you can do are barbell back squats, step-ups, dumbbell lunges, seated pull downs, shoulder presses, and chest presses.

Step 5
The last step is playing small-sides soccer game. And then, take some minutes to rest. Continue the exercise with shuttle runs as cooling exercise.

College Soccer Training drills

Those are the information about college soccer training program and the steps of it. Hopefully the article about college soccer training program above will be useful for you.

Soccer Training Tips to Be Applied To Be a Great Player

Great effort of training is a key to be able to great player. Well, it is not only in soccer but also in many other aspects in human life that training and effort is important to do. Soccer training is not only done by beginners’ player but also by professional player.

The professional player must keep doing soccer training to be able to increase their level. Some soccer training tips will help player to improve the performance and skill and increase the level.

Soccer training tips: routine exercise

Soccer training tips

Whether it is the professional player or beginner player, the most important soccer training tips is routine exercise. The routine exercise such as soccer body workout will help player to improve their skill and performance. A routine exercise even if in off season is important to do to keep the body and maintain the important element of soccer that is endurance, flexibility, and speed. Whether it is professional or beginner, they always find it is a little hard to be able to use to a routine exercise. Therefore, make a schedule may be effective as soccer training tips.

Soccer training tips: play with other players

Soccer training tips

And then the next soccer training tips is play with other players. This has two definitions, inside the field and outside the field. Have a good relationship with coach, other players, and staff is also important to do. A team work training and exercise can be used as play practice to face the competition. Besides that, it also will strengthen the communication way between each player since communication is very important in field and also this way, each player will recognize the skill of each player.

And it will be very useful for improving the skill and performance because besides learn from coach, player also will be able to learn from the other player.

The Most Important Skill for Soccer Training For Beginners

The professional and great soccer player comes from beginner player at the first, and the training that is conducted makes them be great player and has known around the world. Soccer training for beginners is very important and it will train the basic and important skill of soccer that is needed and used in the real play of soccer. Soccer training exercise is one of the most important training that is needed by beginner because it will make the body stronger and build the endurance, flexibility, and speed that is required in soccer. Besides that, some basics technique of soccer training for beginners below is also important.

Passing as soccer training for beginners

soccer training for beginners

Passing is very important to be taught to beginners. Beginners need to learn how to pass the ball without miss them and focus on target and kicking. Besides that, learning how to control and pass the ball with various way of kicking is important to be taught to beginner’s player

Beginners need to learn about receiving and controlling the ball use all of part of the body except hand. Soccer training for beginners gives beginners player method and technique in receiving the ball and then controlling them with the choices of method that is suitable in every situation.

Dribbling as soccer training for beginners

Dribbling is basic skill that must be mastered by every soccer player. Therefore it is one of the most important skills among the skill in soccer that must be included into soccer training for beginner as subject that need explanation and practice. Master the dribbling use outside and inside part of the feet is required to be able to control the ball.


heading soccer training for beginners

Heading is a challenge technique to be taught to the beginners’ player of soccer. Naturally when ball comes head will turn and avoid immediately. But, soccer player must be mastered and use the part of the body to get the ball except hand.

Soccer Training Exercises to Increase players’ level performance

How to improve soccer players’ skill and performance level? The answer is a routine training includes soccer training exercise and technique training and improvement. Soccer is a game that requires body fitness form each player and also team work is very important to win the game.

Therefore, coach need to train the player and get proper soccer training exercise that will strengthen and train the endurance, flexibility, speed, and also build great team work. Some soccer body workout for exercise below will be useful for improving the performance. But, the player needs to do warm up before doing it at least fifteen minutes before exercise.

Shuttle run for soccer training exercise

Soccer Training Exercises

The shuttle run exercise is the best way for workout of soccer training exercise and improves the performance of the player. This exercise is the most common and the soccer players often do this exercise. This require stopwatch to make sure the result and that the target is right. Settle stopwatch. There are 6 reps that must be completed and the player must complete each rep in 30 seconds.

Beep test for soccer training exercise

Soccer Training Exercises program

This soccer training exercise is almost same as the shuttle run because those exercises require fast of speed running skill. In this beep test, player need to run from one cone to another in five minutes limit of time and the distance between one cone to another is 20 m, and the player need to pay attention to the beep sound and will be out if the player miss the beep.

Up and back for soccer training exercise

And then the next is up and back exercise that is sprint exercise with four sets that must be completed. There are two cones. In every each set, player must run forward and then backward. And do it until four sets.

Feel the Benefit from Participating on Soccer Training Camps

There are so many people who want to be a soccer player and is motivated by their idol of soccer player, therefore soccer school provide training for people who want to be a soccer player to be able to be a professional soccer player. Every soccer school has special program and usually there is soccer training camps that provides intensive training for player.

soccer training camps for adults

Attending soccer training camps will not disappoint you to be better player especially for youth player that needs more training and experience. Some of benefits you can get such as mentioned below.

Specialized training of soccer training camps

soccer goalie training camps

The first benefits from attending soccer training cramps are specialized training and also intensive training. Well, you may think that daily training is enough. But, the training camps will be very intensive. The full training schedule on the morning and afternoon is the intensive training. Besides that, some special training and technique can be gotten from training camps. Moreover, player will be easier to get exposure.

Real practice experience of soccer training camps

Well, training will not complete without practice because practice makes it perfect. Soccer training exercise and base technique of soccer will not be useful without practice because it is also way to measure the level of players’ performance. The real practice with the other player and usually alumni and professional player will be gotten from soccer training camps.

Better relationship in soccer training camps

And then the other benefits that can be gotten from soccer training camps are getting better relationship with the other player. This is very important to get better relationship because it will influence the performance of the player in the field and also how the player communicate with another player in the field. Well, chemistry and how to understand player in the field is very important for the sake of the team and play.

Physical Youth Soccer Training for Great Player Soccer to be

This day, the soccer player is not only adult but also youth. Youth player is trained from the very young age in order to get great soccer player to be. But, it will not be the same the training program for adult and youth. The youth soccer training is needed because the characteristic of youth is different from adult.

The base soccer technique is not enough because the great technique also can be gotten from physical training; therefore soccer body workout is very important. The youth soccer training is divided base on age of the player; it is the same for physic and technique training.

Youth soccer training for U 12

youth soccer training programs

The first plan is physical soccer training for youth with the age under 12. The skill and technique will be stronger and powerful with physical training and the most suitable training for player under 12 is endurance training with running interval: 1 minutes for jogging, and sprint will help to build the endurance and speed to complete the technique. Besides that, for power aspect, running circle for about fifteen minutes is enough.

Youth soccer training for U 15

youth soccer training

The nest youth soccer training for player under 15, mostly their physic is stronger and the emotion is more stable than they who are under 12. And the physical training for completing the soccer training and the technique for player under 15 includes endurance and strength training, and the effective training for endurance and strength is running for training the respiratory system in the middle of routine training. The focus is to train the flexibility and body movement.

Youth soccer training for U 17

youth soccer training

And then youth soccer training for player with age under 17 is focused on training the muscle, the lower body and the upper body. The physical training to complete the technique includes running that is combined with specific movement of soccer such as kick movement.

Improve the Players’ Performance with Soccer Body Workout

Soccer is one of the most favorite sports in the world. As the development of soccer increase, the number of player also increases, so the emulation has become stronger between each player.

Therefore, player must increase their capacity and performance in the field. Among the way to increase performance is conducting soccer body workout. It is very important for soccer player to do soccer body workout that covers important element for player as explaining below.

Strength in soccer body workout

soccer body workout plan

Strength and endurance is one among most important elements in soccer and has several main function includes improving performance on the field, resistance to injury, fast recovery, boost the energy and many others that will be very useful for players’ performance. Soccer training exercise may help to increase the strength and endurance for players. Besides that, jogging in intense is the best way to keep strength and energy. Player also need to do functional exercise such as step up, push up, squat, lunges, chin up, and dips.

Agility and speed in soccer body workout

Agility and speed are also important element in soccer. The combination of speed and strength will make perfect powerful for improve the performance of player. Soccer body workout for improving the agility and speed is the power movement exercise such as high pulls, push presses, jump squat, plyometric, and also sprint will help to improve the speed as well.

Flexibility in soccer body workout

soccer upper body workout

The next most important element in soccer is flexibility. The flexibility in body movement and motion in the field will also improve the performance of the player in field. Passive stretching will only cause some trouble include injury. Therefore affective soccer body workout for flexibility will help. Player need to do dynamic warm up such as high knee, butt kicks, bodyweight squat, arm circles, walking lunges, and many others.